SEALED is the association of the skills and expertise from two senior e-Security & e-Solutions consultants, Sylvie Lacroix (CISA, CSXF) and Olivier Delos (CISSP, CISA).

From a technical background in microelectronics, telecom, information security, cryptography, and PKI topics, they both acquired, through various major projects, significant experience in business representation and exploitation of these techniques. Mainly through the complete set-up of the Belgacom (and then Certipost) E-Trust Services (Trusted Third Party services such as electronic identity certification & timestamping services) and the implementation of major projects in e-Security within Belgium and Europe.

Until mid-2005, they were heading the E-Trust Solutions department within Certipost, managing some of the most important projects related to the e-Security in Belgium and their practical implementations such as: The Belgian electronic identity card (eID), Securing e-invoicing services, e-Bidding services, Electronic registered mail and ID certification services for the European Commission, Belgian Notaries, Accountants, Bailiffs, etc.

Today, through SEALED, they position themselves as architects of your e-Solutions and e-Security services. “Architect” in the full sense as this covers not only the analysis and design part of the e-Solutions fitting your business needs but also the organisation, management and follow-up of the realisation of such solutions, either through the writing of RFPs or the selection of the most appropriate solutions builders.

They have numerous publications and are active speakers in major conferences in Belgium, Europe and beyond. Their demonstrated experience acquired through major projects can be illustrated in the various domains related to e-Security, electronic identities, electronic passports and other Machine Readable Travel Documents, electronic signatures and related Trusted Services ranging from concrete business and practical implementations (e.g. by the implementation of major projects in e-Security within Belgium and Europe, such as the Belgian eID Cards PKIs, studies on cross-border interoperability of eSignatures, specifications of EUMS Trusted Lists), consulting projects and technical expertise.
They published several articles on R&D works related to cryptography and e-Security schemes and recently designed a digital signature scheme allowing to reconcile citizen identity based eID schemes with business identity needs that is very promising in this era of eID deployment in Europe.

Olivier and Sylvie are recognised experts in Europe in the area of eSignature, eAuthentication and eIdentification (eID cards and ePassports in particular) and their business exploitation and usages, whether in corporate, national or international infrastructure programs. They also have a pretty good experience with regards to the legal & regulatory aspects as well as with the standardization of these techniques.