SEALED is specialised in e-Security and e-Proofs design and implementation, this covers:

  • Digital Proofs & e-Signatures,
  • Access Control & Authentication mechanisms,
  • Identity & Access Management,
  • eIDs & ePassports,
  • Encryption & Confidentiality mechanisms,
  • e-Storage & archiving,
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Certification Services, including in the context of issuance of eID credentials and ICAO compliant MRTDs,
  • Timestamping & Digital Notarisation Services,
  • Policies writing (Certification and/or Timestamping practices statements and policies, Signature policies).

SEALED is providing services under the form of:

  • Business Consultancy,
  • Analysis & Recommendations,
  • Complex Project Management
  • Interim Management & Team Creation,
  • Training & Education.

SEALED is using strong working/project methodology, working approach and quality insurance plan.

SEALED's demonstrated experience can be illustrated in various domains:

  • Business and practical implementations - eGovernment and corporate: They were the founders of the E-Trust (PKI) Qualified Certification Service Provider which is still currently the provider of the PKI certificates for the Belgian citizen electronic identity cards (eID). Within E-Trust, they also designed, set-up and deployed other business and commercial PKI-based trusted services like Timestamping Services and Electronic Registered Mail.
  • Consulting projects: While heading the E-Trust services, they were managing some of the most important projects related to the e-Security in Belgium and their practical implementations such as the PKI certification services for the Belgian eID, ID and Bridge certification services for the European Commission through the IDABC program, Belgian Notaries, Accountants, Revisors, HealthCare (Carenet) and for eGovernment solutions requiring implementation of electronic signatures, and related trusted services. Currently through SEALED, they position themselves as architects of organisation's e-Solutions and e-Security services. "Architect" in the full sense as this covers not only the analysis and design part of the e-Solutions fitting the organisation business needs but also the set-up, management and follow-up of the realisation of such solutions, either through the writing of RFPs or the selection of the most appropriate solutions builders as they did it successfully for example for government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in the context of the LuxTrust PKI project, as well as for other governmental or international institutions.
  • Standardisation: SEALED Partners both took part to specific standardisation works related to the information and cyber-security topics. Such as detailed in their CVs, both Sylvie Lacroix (CISA) and Olivier Delos (CISSP, CISA) have actively participated to diverse standardisation bodies dedicated to e-security, e-signature standardisation in particular (EESSI, ETSI, DAVIC). See the ad-hoc section below.
  • R&D and Technical expertise: From a technological background, they have published several articles on R&D works related to cryptography and e-Security schemes in the first part of their career. And again recently they were the designer of a patent pending digital signature scheme allowing to reconcile citizen identity based eID schemes with business identity needs that is very promising in this era of eID deployment in Europe.
  • Publications, lectures and conferences: They have numerous publications, speeches and appearance in national and European conferences including the most important and prestigious ones.
  • Networks: SEALED is member of e-security professional associations, as an example, SEALED is active in Belgium in the L-SEC workgroup aiming to share know-how on e-security via seminaries, conferences . and trying to promote the use of e-security technology as a tool for administration simplification. SEALED is also member of EEMA, the independent European Electronic Messaging Association.