Best Practices for Applications using the electronic Identity Card (eID)

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In order to help application developers to better address such kind of risk assessment and making informed choices when developing eID based applications, SEALED and a group of leading information security specialists, business processing auditors and ICT-related law specialists, have issued a book titled "Best Practice for Applications using the electronic Identity Card (eID)", as an essential tool for any business, technical or legal professional who plans, manages, supports or uses Belgian eID based applications.

This book is the first harmonised set of requirements against which applications and services providers can develop and implement their eID based applications or services.
These requirements are more precisely given under the form of associated control objectives and controls to further facilitate the evaluation of a given application or service making use of eID against legal, policy design and implementation compliance.

The book aims to provide control objectives for application/service designers and providers willing to integrate with a certain level of confidence the use of the Belgian electronic Identity (eID) card either for creating and verifying eID based electronic signatures and/or, authenticating eID card holders and verifying such an authentication and/or capturing data from an eID card.